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The dreaded non-profit budget-planning season is now underway. I’ve been there and it isn’t much fun! Fortunately I never had to prepare a budget during a recession.

Since I started my business I have been an affiliate agency of a national program called CreateAthon®. The Maryland program is open to all 501 c 3 non-profits from Baltimore through the Mid-Shore.

Through CreateAthon® up to five marketing projects will be selected and completed for free. Previously unselected applicants are encouraged to re-apply. The deadline is July 12. As a unique component of the Maryland program all non-profits not selected are offered a three-hour pro bono consultation.

Since I started the Maryland CreateAthon program six years ago, 25 Maryland non-profits and one New Orleans non-profit have been assisted with projects valued at $80,847.

I will accept completed applications by fax, email and snail mail. Remember the deadline is July 12!

Click here to download a PDF file.

Click here to download a word file.

If you have any questions, call Purple Cat at (410) 604-2319 or email

The other day I was thinking about the latest fall from grace and was wondering why we hold such high esteem for athletes, politicians, musicians and other famous people.

What about the owner/mechanic working under your car fixing that oil leak or the accountant working her 13th hour straight during tax season? Or you or me, the small business entrepreneur who had an idea and turned that idea into a business? You’ll never find us on a Wheaties box, but its not a bad idea.

After all it will be the small business sector that helps us climb out of this recession.  Although small businesses haven’t cornered the market on job growth and innovation, time and time again we have seen this sector make the difference when it comes to pulling us out of a recession.

My money is on the entrepreneur. However, I am a little biased. I still believe in the work ethic and American ingenuity!