PR 101

PR101_IconThe  following tip sheets will help you plan and expertly execute a variety of public relations, marketing and communications activities.  Feel free to email us at to suggest a tip sheet topic.


Good brand/bad brand can make or break your business. Learn more about what a brand is and the process of branding by downloading this handy tip sheet. branding

Special Events

Special events can be a wonderful tool to communicate with your target market and promote your organization or business. Download the special events tip sheet and have fun organizing your event!


Train yourself to think like an editor and you’ll easily differentiate the story that you simply distribute with a news release, the story that you verbally pitch to an editor and the story that’s just a cute photo. All levels of stories have a place in your publicity . Use this news values tip sheet and you’ll be an expert in no time!


I used to work with a graphic artist who swore I could detect two spaces between a word at 50 feet out. I have to admit he was probably right. I am a bit anal about getting things right. But even if you aren’t as obsessive as I am be aware that errors in your marketing materials can make your organization or business appear to be unprofessional. Check out my handy proofreading tip sheet to groom your skills.


Publications management is detail oriented and often plays out like that juggler spinning the plates. Keeping everything spinning and not crashing down can be a challenge especially if you are more of a broad brush person and not a detail diva. Here’s a publications tip sheet to keep your next publication project on target.