Founded by principal and owner Carol D’Agostino, Purple Cat is a boutique public relations agency serving the visibility needs of non-profit organizations and small businesses, i.e. “the cost conscious.”

Prior to establishing Purple Cat Ms. D’Agostino spent nearly 25 years as a public relations professional in the non-profit sector, garnering expansive visibility for organizations through the creation of cost effective media relations activities, publications, website development and special events. Her specialty is developing and implementing successful high quality, cost effective communications strategies by using the most direct methods to speak to a client’s target market.

One of the key tenets at Purple Cat is that budget should not be the determining factor in designing the best public relations strategies. In fact, if the solution is solely driven by budget it is sure to fall short of its ultimate goal. Every challenge has a variety of solutions and spending the most money won’t necessarily get you to your goal faster.

The philosophy at Purple Cat is that smaller budgets create the environment for the most innovative and strategic communications solutions. Anyone can come up with inspired ideas when the budget is unlimited, but how many companies can develop the right solution on a small budget?

Sound unusual? Well what do you expect from a Purple Cat?!