Now isn’t the time to ignore your target market

7 November

I know many businesses and organizations are running scared right now, leading some of them to severely reduce or eliminate their marketing efforts. Shutting down communication with your target market is a slippery slope and often makes your customers turn to your competitors who are still talking to them. This isn’t just theory there is a precedent and facts to support it.

According to a McGraw-Hill Research study conducted during the 1980s recession, “Business-to-business firms that maintained or increased their advertising expenditures during the 1981-1982 recession averaged significantly higher sales growth, both during the recession and for the following three years, than those that eliminated or decreased advertising. By 1985, sales of companies that were aggressive recession advertisers had risen 256 percent over those that didn’t keep up their advertising.
Check out this link for research data:  Recession Data

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